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The Collector Game Board Game We are just a regular family that wanted to create a board game. We wanted something fast paced, something that keeps your interest, something that you would want to play over and over again, and something that is just fun to play. This is just what we did create with “The Collector Game Board Game”. So what is this “New Board Game”? It is a game that allows you to collect six different collector items. The items are, “Antiques, Art, Cars, Coins, Sports Items and Stamps. Also along the way you will collect and earn cash. Collector all six collector items and finish the final step and then you will find out who the winner is. That’s right, just because someone else finishes the final step does not mean that person wins. Sounds simple? You will be surprised! This is a great family game and/or a terrific board game to play with your friends. We found that from ages 8 and up will enjoy “The collector Game Board Game”. We also offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
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$14.95 & Only $6.50  for Shipping
Great For The Whole Family You and your family will enjoy hours of fun with this new board game. Ages for playing is 8 and up. Get it for a gift or just for a game night out!!
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